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  • Should new street lights be equipped with electric car charging piles?

    British Transport Minister stated

    British Transport Director Chris Grayling said the new street lights should be equipped with standard electric vehicle charging posts.

    He announced that the new proposal aims to make electric vehicles easier to charge, rather than fueling gasoline or diesel vehicles.

    According to the proposal, if there is a parking space near the street light, the street light should have a built-in electric vehicle charging pile.

    Grayling said the proposed measures mean that the UK will have “the world’s most comprehensive support package to achieve zero emissions.”

    He said that the rewards for implementation are not only a cleaner, healthier environment, but the UK economy that is suitable for the future, and has the opportunity to win a large portion of the market worth up to 7.6 trillion pounds by 2050.

    Many local authorities in UK have taken steps to combine street lighting networks with charging stations.

    London, Wandsworth, Richmond, Hounslow, Westminster and Kensington & Chelsea all tested, some of which were new streetlights and others were existing fixtures. But Grayling believes that the country needs a strategy to promote this technology.

    However, the test also has a series of problems: charging electric vehicles with street lamps has technical, practical and interoperability problems. While converting existing street lights to LEDs can achieve the free current carrying capability of charging a vehicle battery, it is clear that a dedicated high current circuit is needed to provide the driver with the required fast charging time.

    In addition, national policies need to coordinate the various platforms that have emerged on the streets. Some local governments are providing free systems, while others are working with private sector suppliers. For example, the Kensington and Chelsea Commission signed an agreement with energy company Ovo and German technology company ubitricity to install 50 charging posts on street lights. These street lights use ubitricity’s ¬†proprietary Simple¬†Sockets technology, so drivers must use ubitricity cable connectors.

    Post time: Jul-18-2018
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