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  • LED tube light

    Short Description:

    LED  tube  light  product  features

    • Environmental-friendly:using semiconductor LED as light source,high luminance,high quality aluminum alloy and PC ,material as the shell of lamps, no glare, no stroboscopic, no ultraviolet light and noise, no secondary pollution of mercury.
    • Energy saving:LED tube of electricity one third less than traditional fluorescent lamp, energy saving up to 80%.
    • Long life: 10 times of the ordinary  tubes.
    • Free maintenance: strong ,safe, easy to be installed, free to change lamp, ballast, starter etc.
    • Health: green environmental protection, warming, eyes protection, 6000K of cold high source make people feel cool and refreshing on the vision, help to concentrate spirit, improve efficiency, 3000K of color light source make people feel cool and refreshing on the vision, help to concentrate spirit, improve efficiency. 3000K of color light source make people feel warm on the vision.
    • Short response time:efficient transformation,
    • Application occasions: mainly used in the public place, such as airport, subway, office,supermarket and other commercial lighting.

  • FOB Price: US 0.5-100/piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1pcs
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Port: Shenzhen
  • Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T
  • Product Detail

    Product Tags

    Product Model Power Size (mm)   Luminous flux Input  voltage Power  factor Color  temperature Color  rendering index LED life time Operating  temperature Product  weight
    FBRG-120-014 8W(T8) φ26×φ30×589 ≥800lm 90v-264v ≥0.90 5500K-6500K ≥80 2,000h  -20℃~45℃ 0.5KG
    FBRG-180-019 12W(T8) φ26×φ30×898 ≥1200m ≥0.90 0.9KG
    FBRG-288-020 18W(T8) φ26×φ30×1198 ≥1800lm ≥0.92 0.9KG
    FBRG-312-039 22W(T8) φ26×φ30×1198 ≥2200lm ≥0.95 0.9KG
    FBRG-360-007 24W(T8) φ30×1198 ≥2400lm ≥0.95 0.9KG

    LED tube light installation

    LED tube light has single-ended and double-end power supplu, and the wiring diagram can be checked in the reference manual.

    Energy using analysis of of LED tube light

    • Energy using comparison:power saving rate over 70% than previous
    • Lifetime comparison

    Fluorescent lamp:2,000 hours

    LED tube light: 15,000 hours

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